9:57 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Men
    John E.
    And how about suits with no ties? Cary Grant is spinning in his grave.
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  • Women
    Gotta love the size 16's squeezed into the size 12 spandex. Or the clack-clack-clack of flip-flops. Not! Keeps the security gaurds occupied anyway.
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  • All part of the fun
    I work at the Washington Navy Yard and today my office is expecting about 25 of over 300 to be in the office. So far so good for the ones that show up. Lately though, it has been a little tough to tell the federal workers from the tourists. Often times the better dressed is a matter of opinion. It is sometimes entertaining to sit outside at lunch and try to guess.
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  • Can't we just talk about the sequester
    Like, who gets their money and who doesn't? Seems like there's no money for most Feds, but ATCs got their cash. Palestinians get their cash but FedEmps don't. There's money for countless pork barrel projects but not for public employees. Mike, you really need a scorecard of the winners and losers. I think that will open some eyes.
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