3:59 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Sequestration creeps outside the Beltway
    Reinaldo Luis A.
    If ALL the Federal departments and agencies were required to provide Congress a consolidated master list of conferences in which cost, number of attendees, venue, rationale were listed there would be many more conferences cancelled or curtailed.
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  • Excess Spending on Conferences? Huh?
    Stack Rat
    Luis: Do you even work for a federal agency? The federal agencies where my spouse and I work have seen their conference and training spending gutted to next to nothing. If you want training that is more than a webinar or online, you could of course spend your own money; you might get admin leave for that... maybe.
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  • sequester effects
    Who is surprised at significantly less spending this summer for vacations and federal training conferences? Give it time. Republicans in the House will bend, as they did with the FAA, when the entire, extensive, conference industry, including large hotel chains and conference centers, conference support industries, including airlines, start screaming. There will be no end to this until election day when, hopefully, voters will send better minds to Congress.
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  • You got it right
    Money is more than tight for this FedEmp. Cut cut cut. No vacation this year. Orlando? yeah right, not again in this lifetime. But at least the budget is balanced right? At least we're paying down the deficit right? At least everybody is sharing in the pain right? Oh, it's just us? Wow, who you gonna call?
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  • Politicians keeping public distracted again, but time may run out
    Honest Broker
    With the explosion of Govt contracts after 911, the politicians kept the public passified with those jobs while Corp America continued to outsource to China and India. I have seen several big contracts awarded to the same companies even though reports of failed projects and lack of results. During the outsourcing frenzy my office was even encouraged to attend all the trade shows, conferences and get training from all these companies, but then the contractor made all the decisions and we never got to apply what we had learned which is frustrating for technical people. Our job was keep the money flowing and give glowing reports, while influential retiring military and civilians went to work for these companies as consultants. With the negative publicity, I see even the contractors have cutback on conferences but they are still raking in huge returns at 2 to 5 times more than if they used Fed employees (POGO.ORG Bad Business Report Sep 2011). Politicians know they are in trouble if they cannot keep financing this outsourcing monster, so they will continue to hit the Fed employees first but time may run out before 2014 elections. People did not like the Tea Party attitude, but that may be nothing compared to the cuts the new group may want so the US can be solvent again and take care of her citizens first with jobs instead of outsourcing.
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  • Lots of Cuts to Travel and Training
    My office has been given notice that travel has to be approved by top management. If the word "Conference" is in the title, expect it to be cancelled. Even training required to maintain professional certification is often rejected. If training can't be done locally and virtually for free, then it is rejected. For our wage grade people we are trying to collect them in one location to offer our own classes to maintain licensing requirements, bring in an instructor as needed. Anyone else can just find something free and local as in webinars and slide show training to meet their requirements or do without. Orlando was always a popular location for conferences and trade shows. During the off season there are always good rates and the weather is pretty mild compared to the rest of the country. Lots of hotels with large conference halls and a great infrastructure for conferences. Plenty of things to do in the evenings. San Antonio, Denver, and San Diego are also common conference sites that will feel the pain to some degree.
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