10:17 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • The federal workforce
    Is the most coddled on the planet. Stress from 11 days off? Try stress for complete loss of a job, benefits, and retirement plan. What a bunch of babies. I'm sure we'll have to spend millions on counseling for these poor feds who are off 1 day a week for 11 whole weeks but still have jobs the other 249 working days per year. Quit crying.
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  • Response to tgn
    Stack Rat
    tgn: What a loathsome and foul comment. Many feds put their lives on the line, everyone, with some even dying in service to their country. Unlike you, with your burger-flipping job.
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  • TGN know how his taxes are being wasted, but he may be a typical Joe Public
    Honest Broker
    TGN just trying to stir up trouble or just ignorant about Fed employees. He probably likes that a high school drop-out like Snowden is a contractor making $120K per year while the Govt IT guy with a Masters in Computer Science from MIT makes only $90K. Booze-Allen probably gets to charge $250K - $300K for someone like Snowden, while the Govt guy costs $150K. Hope TGN is a taxpayer and likes that the contractors and the politicians are enjoying his hard earned dollars on their yachts and 2nd homes in the Bahamas, while he works hard trying to make ends meet. TGN, go read the POGO.ORG Sep 2011 Bad Business report on how your money is being mismanaged by the politicians and sent to their contractor buddies. You may find that the Federal employees is the wrong group to be bashing.
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