6:16 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Don't drink the kool-aid
    Fellow Feds don't think that they won't change their minds and come after us again this is far from being a done deal. You have to remember most of these supposed law makers are lawyers and cannot be trusted. Keep up the pressure keep calling keep e-mailing them...do not let your guard down there are many on the hill that if they could would like nothing better than to make a 64 hours pay period the norm and strip us of the few benefits we have left and that includes taking your use or lose leave and your accured sick leave from you. Stay alert!!
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  • One more thing to remember
    At lease within DoD, this doesn't really make for good news. The House has passed an unrealistic funding bill for Defense and their other favorite departments. Their overall spending is still heading well above the sequester limits and cuts will still be coming. If they can't furlough people, touch the military compensation system, close bases, stop or slow down purchasing weapons systems, then just about the only thing left to cut costs is to RIF. Granted, contractors are supposed to go first, but some of them can and will be sheltered. Then instead of doing 100% of your job in 80% or 90% of the time, some will be doing 200% of the work for 100% of the time. With no additional pay of course.
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  • It is NOT the lawyers
    This is not about trusting the Congress. This IS about voters who elect the member of Congress. A recent story about a South Carolina congressman, who won election a few year ago, talked how the voters in this military base district supported the Congressman voting for cuts in military spending. We are not at war and taxpayers are getting tired of funding federal spending at such high limits. Congress needs to push the military to cut out unnecessary toys that either do not work, or are not really needed.Yes, some communities around the nation will lose some jobs. However, How much money does a single F-35(years behind schedule and still not cleared to fly)cost. How many dollars would be saved by cutting 10-20 percent of the project.
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  • Contractors come 1st according to Wash DC - Anyway to fight back?
    Honest Broker
    Reagan at least stepped in and said everyone would be impacted by cuts, but do not pick on just the Federal employees. Unfortunately we do not has this kind of support from the POTUS or Capitol Hill because we cannot contribute and bribe compared to the contractors. Over the last week I have seen major contracts get awarded to the same companies. Where is that money coming from if we are so broke? The Bad Business report back in Sep 2011 pointed out the contractors cost 2 to 5 times more than using Govt employees, yet we charge forward with outsourcing and continue cutting Govt employees pay, freezing hiring and reducing benefits. I think the sharks of Washington smell blood with no repercussions, so my crystal ball says 2014 could be worse unless Govt employees find some way to push back. Besides voting for the new people, any other ideas on how to fight back?
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