5:23 pm, May 22, 2015

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    Sue from the IRS
    Federal employees don't retire just because they are eligible. Sometimes, financially, they aren't ready, whether it be due to kids still in college, aging parents they have to support, a mortgage they want to pay off, or other financial considerations. Most of the CSRS people in my office have retired, but a few hang on for exactly those reasons. They see that they would need another job in addition to their pension if they were to retire, and it makes no sense to do so if the Economy only provide a position at Walmart or whatever. Some of us don't have access to government contractor jobs because of where we live, so those slots aren't always available.
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  • If I could I would be gone....
    I am CSRS Offset, and have three more years to go for the full 20 years, and I am gone. Between my SS and pension, I will never be rich, never have that 15 room beachouse, and be able to cruise the world and spend my summers in Maine and winters in Miama, but its certainly a lot better just to retire with a decent income and ENJOY the rest of your life and not worry about promotions, RIFs, sequestration furloughs, cutting of benifits etc. I just want peace and quiet, with a simple life. Three more to go....
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