7:49 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • SES position serve as a political tool against Govt employees?
    Honest Broker
    Is not a SES position going to be a political appointment? If so with all the negative media and false information the politicians are levying against Govt employees, that would be a terrible job if you came from the ranks and understood their plight. Your salary and bonuses could be based on how many people you RIF and replace with contractors. With the political environment so greedy for money, I would not want a SES position and watch good GOVT workers let go while the agency spent even more money on contractors. Reagan stood up for Govt employees, but he was the last so it is not party based, it's universal. The politicians know there will always be those promotion seekers with no empathy, so those will probably be the next generation of SES leaders. Get ready for your RIF pink slip and try to line up the replacement contract job.
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