6:22 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Sounds like a hatchet job
    So far, it sounds like he has explained all the accusations. Going after someone based on rumors and not facts is part of our free speech rights, but it is still wrong. All he seems guilty of so far is saving the government a couple hundred dollars. Orlando, San Diego, and San Antonio are 3 of the most common locations for national conferences. Generally, a college won't offer the same class at more than one location at a time, and generally 5 classes won't get you through a semester. If he did have a class to take, he would have had to go down there at least 10 more times. He would have either had to drive from Orlando to Miami or from Miami to Orlando. Were all these trips even during the same semester? Any evidence he was even enrolled in a class? Or that he took those other 10 trips? Before you go on the air and spout off to the universe that someone is a criminal, at least get your facts straight. It sounds like someone within the group is upset he got this job over them and it trying to get him fired.
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