1:45 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Assist NSA program cuts - Take away Govt retirement jobs and block political contributions
    Honest Broker
    Managers and influential Govt civilians and military will go to great lengths to protect their future employers, so we need to take that incentive out of the decision making process. They have to wait 5 years before working for any company doing business with NSA. Also block any political contributions or lobbying by NSA contract companies, so the politicians will not pressure NSA managers to favor one project or company over another. Taking money out of the decision making process highly improves the chance of a good choice for the country, but doubt if Capitol Hill has the fiscal morality to go through with it.
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  • This has been NSAs core responsibility for decades
    NSA tracks communications around the world to support military operations, counter-terrorism recently, treaty negotiations, trade agreements, and so on. We work collaboratively with other nations. I could see adding a couple procedural hurdles but to rip the guts out of them like this would be foolish on so many levels it isn't funny. I think the politicians need to stop endorsing conspiracy theories just to pander to the people with tin foil hats. Unless someone can figure out a better way to protect this nation, they need to just calm themselves down.
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  • All NSA projects are necessary? Open check book with now questions asked?
    Honest Broker
    Right after 911, NSA was held responsible for missing the plans of the hijackers so the politicians took the opportunity to open the flood gates for outsourcing. I understand punishing those responsible, but the politicians now had an excuse to pillage the taxpayer money and claim it was for national security. MARXWJ are you saying that all NSA programs were vetted for their mission necessity, manned properly and that none of them were snuck in to help some politician's constituency and their personal gain? There were no Generals, Admirals or civilians that were in on the contractual decisions, and then took high paying jobs later as retired consultants? There is too much conflicts of interest to determine if current NSA programs are necessary or redundant. For the fiscal security of the United State, the politicians and NSA need to do an assessment without financial bias. We can no longer afford an open check book with no questions asked.
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  • Spot On
    As always Honest broker, you are spot on. Why was the contractor paying $115K+ to a guy (Snowden) who, as a high school dropout, wouldn't have even qualified for a GS-7 entry position as a regular civil servant? Because the more he was paid, the more the contractor made in G&A and profit from the cost plus contract. There was no incentive for the contractors to screen employees for qualifications or limit their salaries to lower paid govt. counterparts doing similar work. Enough is enough. NSA has been so busy writing blank checks and making contractors rich that they can't see the forest through the trees. Literally. Perhaps just perhaps instead of sucking up all data concerning honest citizens, they could actually read and pay attention to real leads such as the Russian warnings on the Boston bombers. NSA didn't help catch Bin Laden and they certainly didn't prevent the Boston bombings. The fraud and waste perpetuated by allowing retiring senior military and civilians to go and cash in at the contractors they've been funneling money to with no questions is ruining this country.
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