10:23 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Contract profits clouded political judgement, so are we facing major security problem?
    Honest Broker
    My periodic polygraph test was delayed almost 2 years, but I was waivered because of prior clearance. I was impressed by the thorough questioning and sensitivity of the equipment, so someone like Snowden would probably have been flagged as trouble. Unfortunately, the contractors in my work space got access with the same 2 year wait and they had no prior clearances. Contract personnel outnumbered Govt, 20 to 1 so statistically a security problem was looming. Now that the politicians are demonizing the Govt employees and taking away pay to take the heat off the contractors, it makes me wonder if they are creating a lot of disgruntled (and poor) people thinking about releasing secrets in retaliation. With the high numbers of high security contractors, if the politicians cut them off then will this result in a bunch of security leaks as they release resumes and attend job interviews? We all know the contractors contribute huge amounts to the politicians (legal and otherwise), so they get special treatment which results in security problems in the long term. The politicians really created this security problem, but they love to blame OPM. How will they solve it? Contract out for more polygraph testers rather than sacrifice the special interests lobbying money. ***My question is, if you took money out of the loop how many high security people would we need and should we really contract that work out?
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  • Polygraph results can be [and ARE] made to say whatever they WANT them to say.
    The Original Joe S
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