7:09 am, May 29, 2015

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  • I work in an Engineering Office
    Engineers, not generally known for their fashion sense, are looking more normal on the Navy Yard. The Military seems to be maintaining their status quo, but others have not. Some offices have made it formal by notifying workers they should dress for the weather. Part of this is facing reality and part of it is dealing with new air conditioning standards. In order to save a few pennies, the office temperature settings have been raised 2 more degrees to 80. This may not seem like a lot, but with the humidity it can be quite uncomfortable in a suit. I have not seen any old high school gym shorts or wide use of spandex, thank goodness, but many khakis. I have seen some Hawaiian shirts and some plaids button ups mixed in with a variety of polos and others. I have seen an office that was so into power suits that we thought there may have been some cloning experiments going on in the basement turn into a multi-colored display of much more casual attire. It is hard to tell how much of this is driven by the high heat and humidity of a long hot summer and how much is driven by low morale, but it is quite a change.
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  • Clothing budget got furloughed too
    No new clothes for me. No vacation this year either. The cutbacks continue but at least Wall Street is making money thanks to Ben.
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  • Oh Yea!
    And with the 800,000 now being threatened with RIF (Layoffs), this is only going to get worse. No new cloths, going out to eat, vacations, nothing. Some will not be able to do much since they cannot afford the gas and or payments on the car, which we are going to begin seeing repo's soon. No raises, furloughs, now RIF's... Hmmmm election year should be very interesting this time. Remember folks who put you into this shape when you go to the poles.
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  • Follow the 3-Bs
    Remember When
    Normally about June thru August, we start getting complaints from managers about the attire of some of their employees, but I always tell them to follow the 3-Bs (butt crack, belly button and breasts), unless you see any of those being prominently displayed, then there isn't much a manager can do. You're not going to find the average federal employee these days dressed in a 3 piece suit and tie or a dress slightly below the knee, pantyhose and closed toe sensible shoes. Those days are long gone so either learn to adapt or you'l drive yourself nuts.
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