11:51 am, May 24, 2015

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  • One option for OPM
    Why not just default on lease payments to companies primarily owned by Congressmen. This should save well over 15%. You can take the extra savings and use it to renovate federally owned properties and moving government offices back into them. We even have recently renovated offices that are open for federal agencies to move into. Simply start moving people into them. The federal government currently owns more office space than it knows what to do with. Why not use it? Not long ago DoT moved into Southeast Federal Center that was full of potential office buildings before it was sold of to a developer for overpriced condos. They still have the FBI building down there that was a functioning office not long ago, why not clean it up and move someone into it? Coast Guard HQ will be moving out of their building soon, why not move someone else in? The same goes for many other DHS groups that will be moving into their new offices at the insane assylum complex? Why not force others to use telework to reduce desk space requirements? Cancel leases for space we aren't using? Why not force DoD to move their people out of expensive Arlington office space and put them on one of the half empty military bases they want to close? There is no reason for most of those people to be so close to the Pentagon and paying premium rent in some of the most expensive real estate in the area. Technically, at least half the people in the Pentago don't really need to be there. It is more a status symbol for many than an actual job requirement. We have secure electronic communications systems now, there is no need to hand carry hardcopy documents to people in the Pentagon anymore.
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  • I have a solution for the IRS
    Shut down the offices that review tax exempt status and other such worthless functions. There can be no claims of bias if there are no forms being processed for anyone. The core function of the IRS is to collect taxes. Reviewing forms requesting special treatment is a true luxury and should be the first thing cut.
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  • IRS
    IRS audits have gotten too intrusive. SBSE national office now wants agents to ask taxpayers for credit card statements. Enough is enough. I am surprised the American people have put up with this nonsense. Also, IRS still has too many managers and too many analysts. Congress could help by simplifying the tax code. As far as GSA, there is plenty of vacant space of my federal building, even though FBI, Department of Agriculture, and other agencies have left the building. Bring them back to the federal building and cut the rent.
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  • GSA Leases
    Midwest View
    If GSA can only pay 85% of its privately leased space, then more than a few SSA field offices will have to close. Ready for that Congress??
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