4:20 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Not supported by current facts
    If this is true, why is the Army still adding more new SES positions even now after furloughs have begun?
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  • Take Care of The Problem
    One way to help take care of this problem, flood congress with letters and or emails complaining about them adding SES positions. Remind them that elections are coming soon and that these types of items help make the difference in votes.
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  • Awfully quiet about contractor cuts - What gives?
    Honest Broker
    Until I hear about contractor cuts, its hard to take all this money saving measures seriously. For starters, POGO.ORG already showed contractor services outcost Govt employees (including all benefits) by 2 to 5 times more so why not more news of insourcing? SES employees are in a much higher pay bracket, so why are we hearing about increasing the number SES employees. They are appointed, so therefore the politicians can ensure money goes to their buddies instead of turning it back in. I see that FNR keeps sending out a survey invite to the contractors for their impact by sequestration, but no results yet. What gives? Where are all their complaints about being cut? I guess they are waiting for current contracts to run out, and then not renew. Let us hope that is the case.
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  • The DoD needs to be cut by 50%
    and that would still leave the US as the largest spending nation on defense. Its time to put the Department on a diet..or make that fast. The Department is bloated with fat and pork..one good example, F-35..at 120M per copy its a disgraceful waste but Congress insists the aircraft is ABSOLUTELY needed to defend the US. But what they wont tell you up front is that of the 50 states in the Union...the aircraft or is components and sub components are built in 48 of the 50 states..its called political buy in and this is not a new practice. Eisenhower warned agains the alliance between the military industrial complex and Congress. Its pure PORK riding on the back of Congress and creating fear. The US needs this aircraft to defend the nation from attack. There is a tremendous amount of this kind of waste in the DoD budget..its all workfare. And all waste. The DoD needs to be completely gutted and rebuilt to provide a force structure in line with the world today..not the world of WWII. This 20% proposed cuts is pure political theatre...just more fear mongering..the DoD budget when you consider both the white, public budget and the black classified budget is pushing right up nearly a Trillion dollars a year..and that is not only unsustainable, its criminal abuse.
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