2:29 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Furloughed DOD National Intelligence Program versus Military Intelligence Program people
    furloughed disabled vet
    Why was it allowed that Mr. Clapper paid for the National Intelligence Program people and the Military Intelligence Program people got FURLOUGHED....???? why the money came from the taxpayers too....why were some people not furloughed??? they were the ones that were responsible for SNOWDEN...why are they special???? do they pay more taxes??? Is Mr. Clapper responsible or did Mr. Hagel not aware of this???? who let this unfair, non equal treatment allowed to happen.... it was not an all inclusive treatment for the DOD... these must be very special people to be allowed to not be furlouged...
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  • Sputtering Mad
    Kenny Ray
    Furloughed disabled vet sounds livid, as well he should be, but it might help your viewpoint to cool down enough to write your message coherently and with at least a middle school grammar level. If that's not possible, consider getting someone to help you write it.
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