4:41 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Ridiculous
    So they received 86 requests in two months out of millions of federal employees and they are "overwhelmed"? Give me a break. We've known this has been coming for MONTHS. And I'll you this; things will be worse before they get better. So its time for all of us to make a reality check and be prepared to make some additional lifestyle changes.
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  • Sequester
    So please tell me are Major Hasan and Lois Lerner being furloughed? As far as I know, neither is working and yet both are on full salary. For that matter, how many regional offices are being closed and how may flights of Air Force 1 have beed cancelled. I worked as a budget officer for the Federal Government and we went through these stupid exercises any number of times. The rules were always the same, what could we do to hurt the public the most. There are two terms for this: the firemen-first and the close-the-Washington-Monument syndromes.
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