9:24 am, May 30, 2015

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  • These ARE my good old days. I RETIRED going on 6 years ago, and the check rolls in every 1st of the month at 0005 hours. I through being the whipping boy for hoowahs in congress, in the white house, jealous rabble, and other ingrates.
    The Original Joe S
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  • You Get What You Pay For
    At some point the economy will fully recover and grow, just like it always has. Young professional federal employees will leave Uncle Sam's employ for the private sector where the salaries are much larger. Uncle will have a difficult time attracting top-notch college graduates, doctors, lawyers, scientists, computer programmers, just to name a few. Uncle already has a difficult time attracting talented executive managers due to the laughable pay as compared to the private sector. In order to attract and retain talented employees, Uncle will double down on the "service to your country" mantra. Hmmmmm.....service to my country.....in exchange for congressional demonization, public sector denigration, furlough days....service to my country indeed!
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  • The only thing holding back the
    tide from running towards the exit is the still lack of jobs in the private sector. However though, that will not last forever and when that ends, the public sector will look like a waste land. I for one will not feel bad at all when that happens as it is something that Congress and the administration will have brought upon itself.
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  • Young Professionals
    You won't have to worry about young professionals fleeing the federal government. Next year will start the season of RIFs and they will be booted out faster than they can find other jobs. DoD is already preparing for RIFs in at least a couple small agencies. Other only have a buffer because of the combination hiring freeze and retirement boom. If not this year then next, unless sequestration ends, most government agencies will have at least some sort of RIF and long before sequestration ends there will be very few twenty-somethings working in the federal government. As it is, people that participate in our intern programs generally serve for the minimum time required for the program and leave federal service.
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  • Bounce
    I would have to agree with you. Eventually we have to bounce back but going to take time. It's like a roller coaster. I too am getting tired of being used as a "scapegoat" for the rest of the countries financial problems. I have been here 20 years and tired of working my butt off for what.. to get furloughed, pay frozen, hiring freeze, loss of TAP (yet Military still has theirs) and our performance awards taken away as well.. I had to take student loans fo finish my college education so that I would be able to get promotion then they froze hiring.. then they mandated furloughs and froze our awards and pay(again) when I have to start paying back those student loans. I am making less now then before they froze our pay back in 2010...
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  • Looking for stories about how furlough negatively affecting individuals
    Been Furloughed
    If you've been furloughed and have any stories you'd like to share about how it's affecting you, please send them to us via the following webpage, as we receive stories we'll post them so they'll all collected in one spot.: http://beenfurloughed.com/stories.aspx
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  • Hagel really want to fix the problem, then where are the contract cuts?
    Honest Broker
    With the POGO.ORG Sept 2011 Bad Business Report, it has already shown outsourcing costs at least double to an equivalent Govt employee including all their benefits yet no word on cuts in contracts. To stay competitive, many contractors must employ retiring influential Govt civilian and military personnel which goes into their charges. Also, cost plus fixed fee contracts allow companies to pay what ever level of salary and then make a percentage off so that encourages 6 figure salaries like Snowdens. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is approaching $1 trillion dollars and 7 years late, so it has been surpassed by the latest combat drones and SAMs which can take it out and cost much less. Its budget this year did not have a single dollar cut because there are companies in almost every state building parts for it, so all the politicians support it. The "Good Old Days" did not have these conflicts of interest, so we could get the job done cheaper. Going after the Govt employees only shows me that Hagel if just a Capitol Hill lackey and not really interested in addressing the problems; hourly rates are too high, redundant and unnecessary contracts.
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