3:55 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Glad I'm retired. Why don't they cut back the bread-and-circuses waste and fund the defense as required by the constitution?
    The Original Joe S
    Politicians are scum.....
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  • A real blessing to retire from the Govt mess
    Honest Broker
    I agree the politicians are causing all the problems by their conflicts of interest and then it propagates down to influential Govt employees and military taking retirement jobs with the contractors. With all the cost savings measures levied at the Govt employees and then contractors still charging huge fees, I was thankful to be retirement eligible and leave that mess. I think the country needs an across the board recall elections for Congress and the Senate with no campaigns and only a website for each candidate to explain their stand on different issues. The constituents can only type in their questions (anonymously), then the candidate better answer it because it would all be for public view. Unfortunately too much money at stake, so I will take my small FERS retirement check and find something else to do. Thanks Capitol Hill or should I say, Capital Hill.
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  • How about.this
    Congress, stay out of the budget and let LEADERS make it. If you don't like it, replace the leaders but congress deciding every line item is crazy....
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