10:03 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Not LOL
    Meanwhile the stock market is at record highs due to Fed induced money printing. They claim there's no inflation. Seems like the old Woodward and Bernstein would find a story in there somewhere. Pay cuts are taking there toll. Please pass the hamburger helper.
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  • Furlough Contributions
    Instead of no pay, why not prohibit accepting any campaign contributions until a budget/appropriation for all agencies has been signed by the President. Most politicians already have a net worth where a pay cut/freeze would have no affect on their lifestyle. Hit them where it would really hurt and you would get some action and compromise.
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  • Holding Them Accountable
    When one considers the actual amount of time that congress works (note the lower case "c" as the institution is no longer worthy of a capitol ooops capital "c") they are paid far more than cabinet members, who work far more than 40 hours a week. When in session, they work Tuesday through Friday. Who pays for their weekend trips home? Who pays for the costs for them to attend the various ribbon cuttings, fancy luncheons and soirees? They get far more vacation time than "regular" federal employees. They have cadillac health insurance - far better than other federal employees -and their pensions are far more generous than CSRS or FERS. Who paid for the recent birthday party thrown for Rep. Ralph Hall? As an aside, I couldn't help but note that the congressional birthday party attendees were standing in a reception line, and appeared to be singing and moving as if dancing and having fun. Gee - wasn't the IRS recently excoriated for a 2010 manager's conference where a line dancing video was made as part of a training exercise (not a birthday party conducted during work hours)? Who audits congressional spending? Who excoriates congress for their lavish spending? Who holds congress responsible for properly performing their duties? Certainly not us - the people who elected them. We the People are not holding those pompous hot-air balloons accountable for their inability to do their jobs. I say that it is high time to take back our legislative branch. BTW - it would not matter if congressional pay was garnished until they pass a budget. Most of them are millionaires. Their congressional pay is merely a pittance compared to their riches. That is one of the reasons they cannot relate to how the furlough days are really hurting us po' folk.
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  • Congress Perks
    Members of Congress receive FERS or CSRS (if elected before 1984) the same as civil service. Same for FEHBP.
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  • The old Woodward and Bernstein ...
    ... didn't find the Watergate story, it was handed to them on a platter by a federal employee.
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  • We're not lol'ing
    Everybody I work with are off today and none of us were laughing. Government employees are taking the punishment with a smile, but with rumors or threats coming from DoD, it looks like this will happen next year too. Will employees take it with a smile next year or the year after? Greece taught us something. We can only take so much.
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