3:26 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • RIFs are already in the works in at least on DoD command
    Navy Installations Command is preparing a RIF for early next FY. They are collecting resumes from everyone from HQ on down. They plan to do a mock RIF in September and want to get early outs done in October so they can finish the RIF by January. I think the schedule is a bit ambitious for an organization with little experience doing RIFs, but they seem committed to the effort. I am not sure they are aware of how many contractors they will have to lay off before the RIF starts. My part of the Navy has such a high turnover rate that the hiring freeze we have been under since January has already eliminated enough bodies, too many in some places. In the likely case the freeze will continue through the end of the calendar year, we should be under budget by January, and seriously underperforming. Since we have all but cancelled our landscaping contracts, with all this rain, we have weeds growing as tall as 2 to 3 feet in places.
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  • My view
    I used to be a defense contractor for the Navy for 10 years in DC before being laid off some years ago, I loved my job. What DoD needs to do is open their eyes to is the waste that goes on in contracting companies, I’m sure there is so much redundancy it’s not funny. Slackers getting hired to fill positions so they don’t lose their funding or have to return unused funds at the end of the fiscal year, the same job being done by several personnel when it can be streamlined to less and contractors demanding college degrees for positions that don’t warrant it because they can charge more to the program office. For example the company I worked for hired another person doing the same exact work I was doing and they just graduated with a degree, they had no prior Navy experience and was paid $52k+ a year, whereas I, who had the experience and no degree was making $41k and on top of that I had to train them to do their job. Part of me is glad to be out of the contracting world, but I do miss not working for the Navy. The other thing that gets me are all these government workers whining and pining about their benefits getting cut, freezes in pay, and sequestration. Well if you are so damned miserable, then quit! I would be more then appreciative to have your job; it’s not the government’s fault you live paycheck to paycheck. They didn’t ask you to buy a big house, fancy car or have debt up to your eyeballs, you have yourselves to blame for that. The government gave you a job, what financial problems you have is your fault.
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  • Moratorium on contractors & eliminate the TSA & IRS.
    I have *worked* as a DoD civilian for 16 years and am proud of my contributions. My #2 favorite accomplishment is highlighting the $100k per month expenditure to a contracting company that did not perform to spec but was not being reported by the technical representative. Contracting some of the government's work is necessary but the fraud, waste and abuse I've witnessed has me convinced we need a moratorium on contractors. Doing so would reveal incompetent government workers & open up competition for younger, less experienced civilians. Another area to consider is shutting down unnecessary agencies altogether. IRS & TSA are the two agencies we can live without. Just imagine the savings...
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  • Just imagine the waste
    that Congress will do with any additional dollars gained. The largest problem facing the DOD is the mandates by Congress to buy things that it does not want or need. The DOD took steps to reduce expenditures back when Gates was in office and was told no on a lot of things. The reductions that Gates did get approval for are being required on top of the sequestration numbers. That means DOD is getting hit twice for being honest and showing fiscal responsibility in reducing their budget.
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  • Capitol Hill needs contributions and perks freeze
    Honest Broker
    The politicians are only thinking about their wallets especially when they continue the waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer funds. Maybe all their assets need to be frozen except for their regular Govt paycheck. Unfortunately, they are the only ones to change the country's course but instead they will keep draining it dry and then leave town when the Govt defaults on its loans.
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