11:58 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Living in a cardboard box soon?
    Fed Emp life used to mean no financial valleys but also no financial peaks. Now we get the valleys too. Living on less means we get to eat dog food now, not just when we retire. So while the current retirees eat steak, the cost of working just keeps going up. Where do you really think this ends? Can we claw back some of those billions from overseas? I blame them all, not just one side.
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  • I Am With You
    I am a college educated professional, as are many feds. I could have worked in private industry and made much more money than I have made working for Uncle Sam. There came a point in my career when I had to decide whether to stay with Uncle or to leave for the free market. I weighed the pros and cons and decided to stay. Although the pay is lower, the ability to retire in my late 50's seemed to be a fair trade-off for the lower pay. I also weighed the fact that in an economic down turn, I could lose my private sector job, but if I stayed with the government, my position would be "safe". I also weighed many other factors as well. Sadly, I am now questioning my decision. I am tired of being maligned by congress and the public. The attitude seems to be that because so many in the private sector lost their jobs, us Feds should somehow be punished because we were not laid off as well. My pay has gone down over the past three years due to the pay freeze, the increase in health insurance premiums and now the furlough days - with more furlough days looming over our heads for the next 10 years. Just a few days a relative said to me that it "wasn't fair" that government employees could retire in their 50's because then the taxpayer's have to carry them. I pointed out that #1 - when I become eligible to retire I will have had 33 years of service (long enough to earn a decent retirement), #2 - that the taxpayers will not be "carrying me" as I will have earned (and paid into) my FERS pension, plus I pay full social security and contribute to my 401K (which will provide the bulk of my retirement income), and #3 - if the government wants to attract quality employees, it has to provide either comparable pay (which it does not by any stretch of the imagination) or some other benefit (such as the ability to retire at age 56 or 57 depending on your birthdate). This same relative, who has a masters degree, reluctantly agreed that an earlier retirement might be a justifiable trade-off due to the much lower professional pay, however it "wasn't fair" that a "clerk" who only does "filing" should also get to retire early. I then explained some of the duties performed by our "clerk" and the abilities and skills she is required to have in order to perform her duties. I pointed out that she only makes GS-5 pay which is near-poverty when you are a single mother raising children. Uninformed private citizens only hear the political sound-bites spewing fourth from the mouth of the politicians and certain cable talk-show hosts. When will our elected officials grow up and act responsibly? We need to vote every last one of them out of office and replace them with good, honest people whose mission is to responsibly carry out their duties regardless of political party.
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  • Hamburger, not steak
    Even though I am retiring under CSRS I will not be living the steak life. We will be comfortable, but far from wealthy.
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  • Retired with only third pay, but believe I came out ahead
    Honest Broker
    I just missed CSRS, so received the FERS 1 percent per year for 32 years plus a reduced supplement due to 6 years military time not counted. I thought about the phased retirement, but they take away the supplement portion all together. Contractors still call the shots at my old shop since many management personnel have retirement jobs lined up. Politicians feel the kickbacks from the contractors is more important than running the country, so why subject myself to the abuse by the public, no raises and even pay reductions. I decided to take a full retirement before any other benefits were cut, so I feel I came out ahead.
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  • Micro management
    Congress tries to micro manage the government, and it doesn't work well. Look at the Postal Service, they are running a deficit, but Congress won't let them do cost cutting measures like ending Saturday delivery? The Union makes sure no one can be laid off, and the Government pays a higher percentage of the health insurance. Until some of that changes, or Congress lets them increase the price of stamps, the Postal Service will lose money.
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  • Postal Service
    If you haven't noticed the price of stamps has gone up and up.. People just don't need the Postal Service like they used to. They need to cut back their workforce and there is no need to be open on Saturdays. Only mail I get is "junk". My bills are sent to me via online or I go to their website and just pay.
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