10:43 am, May 29, 2015

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  • House idiots
    The IRS is not a misbehaved small child! They perform an important task for our society. Congress is charged with appropriating resources and defining the parameters to complete the task, not disciplining them for not doing it. As the saying goes, this is cutting off your nose to spite your face.
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  • The House Repugs
    are a exceptionally unpatriotic crowd.
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  • Utterly Ridiculous
    Cutting almost 1/4 of the IRS funding is ludicrous and irresponsible. Perhaps the politicians can instruct the IRS where to cut...should it be tax return processing, delinquent account collection, off-shore tax evasion efforts, identity theft measures, criminal investigations of tax crimes, audits of large corporations that utilize aggressive and abusive tax strategies to reduce their taxes...what should it be? Or, should the IRS reduce all of its activities by 21/4 - i.e. only process 75% of returns, only collect 75% of delinquent accounts, only go after 75% of the rich, entitled people who hide millions in off-shore accounts, only issue 75% of all refunds due, and only pursue 75% of ID thefts? We need to replace each and every person on Capitol Hill. They have shown that they are either incapable of carrying out their duties or they refuse to do so.
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  • Cut 'em out entirely. Repeal the 16th Amendment. How did we get to this point where some scumbag can grill you and ruin you?
    The Original Joe S
    They passed income tax saying the rich guys ONLY would pay it. The rich guys NEVER pay taxes. O-blamma paid 12% last year. I paid 19%. How's that fair? Eliminate the IRS from our lives COMPLETELY.
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  • To Original Joe S
    Since you commented that the IRS should be eliminated (because the rich pay less tax than the working middle class), what is your proposal for funding the government, or should that be eliminated as well? Should you provide such a proposal, please also explain how this new manner of funding the government should be enforced.
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  • Cutting the IRS budget
    that drastically to save money is like not going to work when you need extra money. The IRS brings in funds to run the nation, you reduce their budget that drastically and you hamper their ability to raise revenue.
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