12:29 am, May 23, 2015

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  • SecDef's Reasoning IS NOTSupported by the Facts
    I categorically disagree with statements made by SECDEF with regard to the necessity to furlough working capital fund employees, and DoD civilians generally. Anyone in the budget business knows that working capital fund employees are paid from revenue generated by customer orders based on rates charged for the sale of products they produce or commodities they manage. All furloughing those employees accomplishes is creating a backlog of customer orders, contributing to the inefficiency of the Department (more on that a little later). For DoD civilians generally, the problem is a based on a lack of political wherewithal to break budgetary rice bowls and move operating funds between the Services. Army and Air Force O&M accounts are short. Navy, Marine Corps, and Defense-wide O&M accounts are flush. Just look at the accounting reports the SecDef and the Congress have access to. It's glaring. Navy has been under executing by $1 billion. Marine Corps is under executing by over $1 billion and getting worse while scrambling to spend $200 million MORE a month than they usually can on anything that will spend. And Defense-wide (which SecDef directly controls) is close to $3 billion behind SecDef's own execution metrics. And all furloughing employees does is generate savings the Department as a whole doesn't need. Find the $2 billion SecDef is looking for in the $5 billion being under executed, and being spent right now on anything that will spend, ask Congress to move the money, and call it a day. If the leadership will make the hard decisions, which they aren't willing to do, then the furlough goes away. I think that in part comes from the Administration, who likes the idea of sending a message to each state and each member of Congress that folks in their district are being hurt. That's using federal employees as political pawns and that's against public law. That's why there is a Merit Systems Protection Board, who needs to look at the facts and make two fundamental conclusions: the Government's case fails administrative review because the furlough notices issued to DoD employees did not identify the ultimate decision authority (SecDef publically stated on 15 May 2013 that he made the decision, not the local commanders or even Service Secretaries stated in the furlough notices) and that furloughing employees does not contribute to the efficiency of the Service (the bar which the Government's case must pass to satisfy public law to furlough), but rather contributes to the inefficiency of the Service, as was publically stated by senior DoD budget officials speaking on behalf of the SecDef on 15 May 2013. Come on DoD and Administration leadership...roll up your sleeves, make the hard (not easy political) decisions, work with the Congress,and get people back to operating efficiently on behalf of the nation's defense.
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  • Capital Working Funded system encourages over spending
    Honest Broker
    My command went to CWF many years ago, which they worked for a percentage taken from funds taken in. At about the same time, supervisors and program managers could go work for the contractors with no waiting period. It soon became more important to how much money you put through on contract than it did getting the job done. My command was supposed to do engineering, but they dropped that for turning into experts on how to pump out sole-source contracts for the politically preferred companies. I personally think CWF inherently encourages poor reasons for contracting, collusion between influential Govt employees and contractors, and therefore should be abolished.
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  • Legal Authority
    Proud MCPO
    No doubt that these actions have legal authority. Hanging your hat on that will not offset the deferred work that will have to be made up for later. Requirements are requirements. Unless the PEO or some other entity removes requirements or cancels them altogether the cost of recovering from deferred requirements will most likely be far greater than the $$ that is claimed as savings today. All the while we spend billions on programs like JSF that still cannot take a wire.
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