12:38 am, May 23, 2015

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  • IRS bonuses
    hard working and dedicated
    Regarding the statements made by Colleen Kelley (NTEU president), yes we IRS employees are a dedicated and hard working lot. As it should be. That's what our paycheck is for. A bonus is just that - a bonus. Kelley's message is that union employees could have slacked off had they known they wouldn't get an extra check. (Those of us in non-union positions get no bonus this year, no matter what.) Extra money for some vs 2 days furlough for all of us? Come on, Colleen...
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  • bonus
    You must be one of those who do not qualify for an award. I work my but off and I would rather have the award then be given back the 2 furlough days. Why should I have to give up what I worked hard for? If they are going to take away my Performance award then they should also block any/all QSI's as well.
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  • Bonus
    hard working and dedicated
    I don't doubt that you are a hard worker and deserving of an award. But times are hard and cuts are inevitable. We are all doing more with less. The furlough reduced paycheck won't hurt me but a lot of hard workers rely on a regular income to pay the bills. Waiting for a bonus at the end of the year won't pay this months mortgage. I'm in a non-bargaining unit position where all awards, including QSI's have been eliminated. I rate the maximum performance award every year. That tells me I'm earning my salary. Bonuses are great, but I don't count on them.
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  • IRS
    Extra Money?? This is earned money, not extra money.
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