3:18 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Furloughed Fed
    My employing agency has had three furlough days so far, with two more scheduled, and the possibility of two more hanging over our heads. To date, nothing much has been done on the fy-2014 budget. I am angry at all of them - democrat, republican, independent, president, senator, congressmen and all of their henchmen. It galls me that we do not have enough money to properly and responsibly fund the governmental agencies, yet we seem to have enough money to arm Syrian rebels, to build infrastructure in Africa, and to send to Egypt. The POTUS is refraining from calling what just happened in Egypt a "coup" so that $1.5B of our tax money will continue to freely flow into Egyptian coffers. Pathetic.
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  • furloughs
    People sure weren't out shopping to fill the time during yesterday's furlough of 650,000 civilian defense workers. The furlough days will eventually take a toll on the economy. Congress will not wake up, however, they're much too busy traveling on federal dollars to countries far and wide, depending on State Department staff to bow and cater to their and their spouses' every little whim and desire, be it ever so small and ridiculous. And, their numerous recesses, especially the House, gives the wealthy ones some time to tend to their personal investments.
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  • Furlough for Feds
    This is so frustrating for the adverage Joe to hear the millions of dollars spent on congress vacations. I started working at a very young age so by the time I can actually retire I will have put in over 40 years of my life to the government. In that 40 years and my current salary I would never be able to afford one of those trips that congress goes on. Whatever happened to love thy neighbor as yourself? Well, the neighbors are struggling to keep their homes, to feed their children and provide for their families. My family has good credit, we have reasonable debt that we can afford, we pay our bills on time, we don't need a handout and we do not live beyond our means. We can afford to pay our bills with our normal paycheck and not feel squeezed. Due to the furlough my credit card expenses have increased, because we can't afford to put gas in our vehicles to go to work. Don't get me started on the gas prices... Our salary is now 1/3 of what it is normally. SO lets do the math.. expenses go up salary goes down... and this could go on for 10 years? This furlough is not only going to cost the Fed employees effected by it this is going to cause the country so major damage, ever heard of the butterfly effect? Can we please get some people in congress that have any common sense? You can only get so much blood out of a turnip, so when the turnips are all dried out who will pay for all of congress to go on vacation?
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  • It's What We Call...
    ...a boondoggle. They are going to save only $1.9-2.1 billion on the 11-day furlough for about 765,000 DoD employees, yet they are giving away far more than that to many nations. Certainly this has nothing to do with saving money when the President and his family can visit Africa for only $100 million, 1/20th of what they are saving on one trip. It is an obvious plan and it certainly has nothing to do with helping the country. Come to your own conclusion.
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  • Please stop the stupid pathetic act
    Whining about an alleged $100 million dollar Presidential "vacation" to Africa is both childish and wrong. The only way you would even get close to $100 million is if you include the cost of building Air Force One just for this trip, and include all the costs of the entire Secret Service for this entire term in office. It is as absurd as the couple billion it allegedly cost to go to India last year. The President has to be on call 24/7 whether the rest of the government is shut down or not. Besides that, a major part of his responsiblities entail foreign policy. That means going overseas to visit allies every now and again. Regardless of you whining or the actual expense of the trip, if the President stayed in the White House for the remainder of his term, none of the savings could be used to pay your salary. The same goes for foreign aid, none of it can be spent on salary. At best it would go to the deficit, but even that isn't certain. More than likely Congress would just spend it on something else. Among other things, you also seem to conveniently forget that all of Congress is also using their free transportation priveledges to go anywhere they want for an actual extended vacation for the next two months, largely at your expense, while many critical things are still sitting on their desks unresolved, like next years budget and the debt limit that both hit October 1. With Congress on vacation for 2 months, that only gives them 1 puny month to resolve issues they have not been able to tackle for years now. By your own statements, you are not living large, or over your head in debt. You will survive the few furlough days you have to suffer through. Next year a few contractors will likely be fired and perhaps a couple coworkers RIFed. Please get over the pursecution complex and get back to work already.
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