11:41 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Defense Budget Cuts
    GetOffYour Butts
    It is sad indeed that the Pentagon has decided to make base reductions and base closing ad furlough employees inside of the USA while at the same time they spend about $100 Billion per year defending Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Spain etc. with bases on their soil. Those foreign nations should be REIMBURSING us for all or at least most of that cost if they want our protection. If they do not want to pay towards that cost, then we should be closing those bases, rather than spending our tax dollars to defend them.
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  • impact of furlough
    What you have taken from me and my family So you think that lowering my pay is the way to pay down the deficient. WoW! What were you thinking? You want my family and me to suffer when you don’t have your pay reduced. Wow! What were you thinking? Now I have a 2nd job and is this really fair to my family! Its ok with you that I have less quality time away from my family! Its ok with you that I’ve taken a job away from someone else and they may end up on welfare. I guess you thought this thru because my loss of pay is suppose to help the deficient. Looks like you added more problems. What were you thinking? I bought my home based on my income! Geez I thought that was the way it worked. Thought owning a home was good for my family. Now I run the risk of losing it and getting bad credit for the first time in my life. Yes bad credit – but you don’t care. I could lose DoD my job because my credit will change. Wow! What were you thinking! You say I should have been prepared for this. But what you didn’t realize is I had already bought my home years before you decided to furlough me. Not your problem you say! Oh forgot you don’t care. What were you thinking? Food, heath care, gas etc continues to rise as my pay is reduced! Oh and you want to change my benefits too! Forgot you don’t care. What were you thinking? Well you want to know how this has affected me. Let me list those for you. It has affected more than just me! You now have taken away my ability to assist my aging parents; the opportunity for my children to continue to be in sports, music classes, go on vacations. Buy clothes, shoes etc. You have changed my way of thinking. We cut back and canceled Cable, Home alarm system, going out to dinner, getting our haircuts and we sold some of our furniture, canceled the home phone. In the process of selling my home because we don’t know what will happen in FY 14 and future years in reducing our pay. We were forced to do the above to continue to help our aging parents, take care of our children, and continue to pay the bills, our mortgage. Oh guess you forgot that I bought my house based on my income or did you change that formula too without telling us. Our family will not be contributing to charities or spending money to help the economy as we did in the past because you have taken that away. Oh forgot you don’t care about that. It doesn’t matter to you that small businesses will be affected from those of us that will no longer be buying. Multiply this by the number of people you have reduced their pay and it appears this is not helping the economy. You may have caused a tsunami of financial problems resulting in people losing their homes, because you didn’t think this thru. Oh forgot you don’t care because when you thought of cutting our pay you forgot to cut yours the same. Therefore you don’t feel the impact of the damage this will cause to America and their families. What were you thinking? Most of us will continue to keep our pride, stand tall and do the best job possible in less time. We just pray that this does not affect the safety and security , more bankrupries etc of American families that otherwise were managing without assistance.
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  • The floggings will continue until morale improves! They've always crapped on us. I'm GLAD I'm retired.
    The Original Joe S
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  • Austerity
    Sequestration is needed to prevent default.
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  • Sequestration has nothing to do with
    avoiding default. Sequestration was designed to be a poison pill to get both sides to the table to figure out the long term financial plan for the United States. We have technically defaulted even with sequestration because the debt ceiling has been passed. The only reason we are not all running for the hills is because they are using the civil service retirement pot to continue to keep the government running.
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  • Default ??
    Proud MCPO
    The idea that stealing money from a productive workforce will somehow offset the billions of $$ given away to members of this society that contribute nothing is more than just a little insulting. This large (20%) impact to the workforce will NOT even make a crease in the bulge that has been created.
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  • Army could have saved $34 million on Afganistan building
    I think the military needs somthing like reorganization or forced cuts. Look at the dates for this building - it could have been stopped. How many more of this thing goes on? Sequestration is bad but, the military does it to themselves and quite frankly, deserve this pain. When "To Serve" turns into stupidity and criminal action, there is no honor. " The 64,000-square foot building was commissioned by the Army in February 2010 to be the Regional Command Southwest Command and Control Facility during the surge. But, in May 2010, even before construction began, the Marine commander in the area submitted a request to US Forces Afghanistan to cancel the project. Advertise | AdChoicesDespite that request, the following year, in February 2011, the Air Force issued an order to British-based AMEC Earth and Environment Inc. to construct the facility and in November 2012, the U.S. government took over the facility. "
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