1:32 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • "Back Home"
    As a native to the area I get these kind of comments all the time. I always ask them - why are you here? And, of course, the answer is always "A Job". So I just tell them -admittedly, where ever they are from may have better weather or less traffic, etc. - however, they are frequently from what I've taken to call a "3-R town". That place may have a lot of good schools, but all they can teach you are the 3Rs - Reading, Writing, and the Road to Washington, cause this is where the jobs are. Nats
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  • Major league
    John E.
    I've lived in and around DC for 33 years and have enjoyed living here, especially since baseball returned in 2005. Nor I have I heard much, if any, complaining from others. When you ask New Yorkers, they seem to prefer the comparative simplicity of living here to NYC or Long Island. But, two things remain true: 1. People freak out her when snow is forecast, which is understandable because we are southern city, and 2. The pizza in New York, Chicago and Rome is superior.
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  • Pizza
    Gary C.
    Hey I had a great pizza in DC! Maybe that is because I am from Michigan!
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  • DC area has a lot of good points
    Honest Broker
    My last 26 years in the Govt, I was visiting DC area at least once a month for 2-5 days per visit. There were plenty of good places to eat, entertainment, shopping, and cultural arts. I was a regular visitor of the Smithsonian museums. I loved the metro to get around versus driving plus really reasonable price. Houses and apartments are extremely high though, so I empathize with those living there but their COLA and promotion potential was much better. I had all the flights memorized out of Reagan National by the time I retired. We may hate the way Capitol Hill forgets us little Govt folks, but living in DC had its good points.
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