3:25 am, May 23, 2015

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  • I would imagine that the amount of claims
    will only continue to grow as people realize it will be four years without a pay raise come 2014. The years of the federal employee being the punching bag are not over with by a long shot.
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  • People tired of Capitol Hill hypocrisy - Why not retire and leave it behind?
    Honest Broker
    I came into the Govt under the job description Engineer, but as the trend for outsourcing grew my superiors did their best to take us out of the design loop, just sign off on jobs and figure out ways to shovel money to the contractors. The politicians really opened up problems when they allowed supervisors and senior military program managers to retire and go straight to work for the contractors. We would all get ethics training, but then the person that achieved getting money to the companies endorsed by the supervisors and program managers they were rewarded with great promotions. Sequestration and furloughs just fuels the outsourcing fire further. The media tells the American citizens that contractors are much cheaper and better workers, but the Govt watch dog group, POGO.ORG, came out in Sept 2011 with a report titled Bad Business describing the real costs are almost double even when Govt long term benefits are included. In the engineering and science field, they were 3 to 5 times more costly. People are tired of hypocrisy, humiliation, etc., so of course they are leaving in droves. Wouldn't you?
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