6:52 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • What a joke
    These contractors win the bids because they don't pay their workers anything. If they did pay their workers more, the price on the contract would go up and these do nothing Senators would be complaing about the price of the contract. Not to mention every federal entity is being told to reduce the cost of their contracts or eliminate them entirely. Step back and see the forest occasionally, it is your rules that have people jumping for no reason. You can either reduce the cost of contracts or in some indirect way force the contractor to pay people more, you can't do both.
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  • Mis-Information from Capitol Hill again
    Honest Broker
    Depending on your labor category, the contractor must pay a minimum amount which gets adjusted at least once per year if not more. After Katrina, the prime contractors were using illegals for the clean-up even when there were US small businesses. When they contract services out, the only winners are the company executives and the politicians. Recently SAIC was caught charging HLS for people not even there at the site. I agree with wisenki, WHAT A JOKE and its not funny Washington nor helping solve any national debt problems. Can't we have an across the board recall election?
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