9:55 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Afghan Air Force
    What is needed for the Afghans to support will come over time and I don’t remember the American Armed forces running helicopters, cargo aircraft and other military equipment in 1776, 1812, or 1914. Rome was not built in a day, and neither was the American Air Force, Afghan Air Force or others. Suspending the purchase is not what one does in the middle of a counter insurgency. You keep what’s running, running and work through the problems, shortages, training and fix bottle neck after bottle neck. Not cry in your soup, feel sorry for yourself, blame others and stop programs that are already late after being sometimes mismanaged by a peace time bureaucracy that lives in Washington, Virginia and gets to go home every night in peace. In the words of the Late Gen Norman Schwarzkopf: “The battle plan is good to the first five minutes of the battle” and that is why one fixes what’s broken, adjusts and improvises. The ISAF folks know what they are doing in many cases so let them do their jobs and look at the end result, not somewhere in the middle to justify a policy of disengagement and disinterest from 1989 when we all could have stabilized Afghanistan on the cheap before the whole world community turned its back with predicable results . Oversight is important, but it should not turn into micro management from people half a world away or a pretext for another agenda (not necessarily SIGAR who are more misguided and wrapped up in procedure, not combat) . People with other agenda’s should stay out of Foreign Affairs and stick to municipal affairs, local politics, local garbage pick up, soft ball, or what their child’s Hamster by the name of Rupert is doing after school. Please for god’s sake stay out of a life and death struggle by Afghans, Americans, Canadians and others who are actually committed to seeing the mission through. The international community screwed it up in 1989 through neglect. Lets do it right this time and please don't say we have been since 2001 because a consistent effort has not been fully applied all of this time. More like 2009 onward, and for the most part we get out of commitments what we consistently invest in them, or not. Before making a procurement decision, in or out of government, please go into the hospital at K.A.F. (Kandahar air field) and see patients with a tube in their mouth because you or I screwed up a procurement or equipment was repeatedly with infighting did not arrive in time . Remember these are the lucky ones. This is where our true loyalty lies, or should for those pretending to have a conscience.
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