4:56 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • It is sad they even needed this memo
    If you have contractors do civilian employee work they will charge you for the effort and then you don't get the savings from the furlough. The military already has a full load of duties, both military and civilian. Dumping more civilian workload on them only means that their military duties are being ignored. Since it is illegal for the government to force people to work without pay, if a manager forces people to work longer hours, then he is obligating the government to pay for it and again the savings from the furlough go out the window. Beyond all these stupid things costing money needed elsewhere, it can get the managers reprimanded or even dismissed. It is stupid piled on stupid. And yet I am sure it is happening at more than one place within DoD.
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  • Its happening.
    I've worked as a contractor in the Defense and Intel side of the fed for decades, and almost every fed contact that I've talked to has said that they've been told in no uncertain terms that if they don't show up on their furlough days it will be look at very badly. And no one can say anything because they'll get blackballed if they do. It's almost as if the fed took a page out of corporate america's playbook- make them work longer and harder while cutting as much of their compensation as you can.
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