12:18 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Will the Army and Air Force Need Their Own Multibillion Dollar Systems?
    Will the Navy's new system be compatible with its sister services' existing system$?
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  • Navy's Stackley succeeds in unraveling NMCI mess he inherited
    I hope Secretary Hagel and Congress recognize what a monumental effort this transformation represented and the importance of leadership was in this award. Honorable Stackley took an impossible challenge and successfully brought back control of a very difficult situation he inherited. Someone should conduct a postmortem of NMCI, including the contractor who established the initial contracting strategy. When NMCI was awarded, there was no exit strategy or thinking about how this program would transition. GAO has already reported on these challenges, but did not point out the source of the bad advise and who profited from it.
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  • WOW!
    WOW! $3.5 BILLION WITH A "B" for the Navy's IT restructuring...THIS YEAR????? First, Did they not think sequester and cutting back applied to them because they are part of the Defense Department. While this might be a worthwhile effort (I CANNOT BELEIVE THEY ARE THIS ANIQUATED that it will cost $3.5 BILLION to fix! Talk about gross mismangement--someone should be fired or court-marshalled over THAT!) This is a "Boatload of cash in a year where the REST of the governent is cutting back to pay for the past 10 years of war--oh yea that the Navy help run up a tab for! Second, it's all going to one company???? Not spreading the wealth and creating jobs huh? Who's got the HP stock? The whole thing seems VERY Inappropriate at this time.
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