9:55 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • Furlought Days
    YES, I do take a 10% pay hit per each pay period in which there is a furlough day. However, over 30 plus years of service and being debt free since 2009, I have accumulated a year's worth of disposable income cash. Therefore, paying the bills is no problem. The only benefit (if you can call it that way) that I receive from the furlough is the fact that I saved a day of annual leave. For both of the furlough days on 06/14 and 07/05, I was or will be on leave (vacation, one in Europe and the other in Alaska). Therefore, instead of burning those days on annual leave, I now have 2 more days of annual leave to use later on in the year.
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  • Happiness is a warm blanket
    Tera S.
    Several IRS offices are participating in Project Linus, which donates homemade blankets to kids in hospitals and shelters. Since I have more time than money right now, I'm using my furlough days to make quilts. I thought about using them to write my Congresspersons, but meh, they don't listen anyway.
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  • I am off today
    I am off today and still read you Mike! Can't guarantee you that every day off, but I will try next Friday, since the Spouse has to work. As I also have many years in, although not enough to retire, Furloughs to me are an extra day off, not a financial hardship. But, now I have to find two more days to take and still try to keep my head above water at work. right now, I could have worked those furlough days and been ok.
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  • No furlough days for the contractors?
    Honest Broker
    What day did the contractors decide on? Oh yeah, they are still at the office pulling a full paycheck. Based on the POGO.ORG Bad Business Report they on average cost the Govt 1.83 times more. When do they get their furlough days?
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