3:41 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Kudos for Tammy Duckworth calling him out but ...
    I think the whole matter of allowing someone with a prep school football injury being allowed to claim 30% disability is wrong. Especially if he continued to play football and had 20 years of normal life (which includes some pain on a regular basis usually) She should have that whole process looked at. And my goodness, she is only 20%! How many limbs does she have to lose to get 50% disability?
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  • Who else knew?
    Wow, all this is just at the IRS. I'm sure these guys are pikers compared to DOD, CIA & MI Complex, but it's all wrong. Shocking.
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  • Most Illinoisans
    have already learned war time injuries do not qualify you for Congress. seems Ms Duckworth is taking a page from Mr McCain's playbook.
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