11:20 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • EE0
    John E.
    I agree with R.M.'s comment. As a fed (retired) I encountered supervisors and execs who went wobbly when threatened with an EEO complaint. The failure to stand firm in the face of baseless accusations prevents much needed pruning of the workforce, and harms the morale of good employees.
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  • Generation Gap?
    I see no difference between my generation when we were young and the newer workers. Obviously, this excludes the newer toys and computer items. Obviously, the newer generations grew up with this stuff while we did not. We had people who wanted everything at once. This is also true with the newer generation. Most of both generations are/were willing to work the way up. Some of the new generation are spoiled brats, but we had them too. When the new generation becomes the old generation, they will say the same thing some of us are saying about the spoiled brats of their new generation. Things will be okay so relax and enjoy yourselves. For the newer generation enjoy your jobs when things normalize. For the older generation enjoy your jobs and retire when you are ready.
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  • Outsourcing more problem than generation gap
    Honest Broker
    I retired last year because of the political threat to change retirement benefits, but for the last few years I mentored many of the new engineers and scientists. In general, I found them very enthusiastic and talented. The recent generation is more of an indoor crowd, so when we went out with the equipment in the field they struggled but eventually adapted to the harsh conditions and long hours. These real world excursions were very educational and the military loved having us there, but it always seemed an uphill battle to get these types of projects with the trend to use contractors only. I did notice many influential Govt employees and military taking retirement jobs with the contractors, so I can see why there might be a little bias for outsourcing. I think the new generation is up for the challenge, I just think we need to in source more of the projects to keep the Govt employees more in touch with the problems.
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