8:08 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Not a win.....
    Big Joe
    This may sound like a win, but for those of us that actually use these services its far from beneficial. I use the orthodontics for my kids...two are in braces now and two more need them. To qualify for this service, you must have had the service for at least a year. So, in the case of switching I'd have to forgo my current coverage, pay for the service for another year, and then finally qualify for the orthodontic coverage. Not sure how this helps me......
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  • Not sure how it helps you, Big Joe? It DOESN'T! You don't really think they give a duck about YOU, do you?
    The Original Joe S
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  • Really save money?
    Honest Broker
    I'm not sure about these new plans, but past ones just did not save you any money when you factor in the high monthly payments. You would be better paying into a index fund investment, and then take it out if you need it.
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  • Another misleading headline
    JR Samples
    "OPM expanding health, dental options under FEDVIP next year" - should be "vision, dental options." FEDVIP is specically vision and dental, not general health insurance. I agree with others that premiums are high and that I might come out ahead just by saving the money instead of paying premiums. The big advantage from my perspective is that I am charged a "participating doctor" fee, instead of the much higher fees that are normally charged. This is important when a person needs three or four dental check-ups a year instead of the normal two.
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