12:08 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • Take this job...please!
    Don't tell John Q. Public in the private sector this. He's still of the firm belief that we federal workers are way overpaid compared to our non-government counterparts. Overpaid, no. Overstaffed, maybe.
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  • Booze Allen Theorey of Management
    In 1997, Congress held a series of bash (my employing agency) hearings. We were labeled "jack-booted thugs" among other things. Were were supposedly out of control and had to be "reigned in". Several "witnesses" came forward to testify about their tales of woe. It made news headlines for weeks. (As an aside, there was very little press when the real truth regarding these "victims" was uncovered. One of these supposed "victims" later recanted his entire story as he was not even in this country when the supposed abuses occurred.) Congress decided that my employing agency needed to be restructured. The agency used millions upon millions of taxpayer's dollars to pay Booze Allen to study our organization and to restructure it to be more effective and efficient. (Booze Allen employes some top notch people - like Andrew Snowden.....) The new and improved agency "stood up" (I really detest that buzz-word) in the year 2000. Booze Allen was supposed to make us leaner, flatter, and more transparent. However, we ended up being a "stove-piped" (loathe that buzz-word also) organization with more layers of management than we had before. Since those 1997 hearings, we have not had a Commissioner who has come up through the ranks (and thus has never done any of the core functions of my agency). Additionally, this agency started hiring top management officials from the outside - again, people who have never done the jobs of the employees they oversee. Needless to say, my agency has not fared too well, and our core enforcement functions have been weakened. We are once again the subject of hearings (I am hopeing the real truth will come out, not the politician's fabricated truth). Those who dictate the way we do our jobs are destroying this agency. We have one high-ranking (outsider) official who continuously tells exam teams to "stand down" on issues. Once upon a time, we were directed to perform quality exams - now we are required to perform quantity work. We are at the point of going back to "T&E and out by three" (inside joke that long-timers will understand). To add insult to injury, us long-timers are now considered to be damaged goods. Once upon a time you had to work your way up in this agency. Now they hire directly from the outside, and these "newbies" as we call them, are being promoted ahead of many very experienced and capable employees. I do not care what your credentials are - CPA, MBA, MST, ABC or XYZ, nothing can replace experience. Between the 3.5 year pay freeze, increased cost of health insurance, furloughs (yes, my agency has had two "shutdown days" so far, with three more scheduled and the threat of two more beyond that) congressional-bashing, quantity over quality, do more, more, more with less, less, less, outsiders who do not know how to do the jobs which they oversee, new employees being promoted ahead of long-time experienced and highly competent employees, and no thanks for a job well done, many of us front line peons are counting the days to retirement - even though retirement may be several years away. I am happy to say that I am now well under 3,000 days. I do count my blessings (health, family, employment, benefits,etc). Right now, counting my blessings is the only thing pushing me forward. I used to like my job. Now when that alarm rings in the morning, I awake with a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Just call me - "waiting for the pendulunm to start swing in the other direction".
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  • Take this job and evaluate it...
    Remember When
    Amen! I appreciate your article and have lived through all of these changes over the years. Sadly I can't think of one of those changes that had a positive impact on our agency. I have over 30 years of government service and I remember when you had to work in the trenches and up the ranks before you got to be an executive in Washington. You can't bring a "corporate america" executive over to a large agency like mine and expect them to understand the inner workings. You need someone who is well-rounded (dabbled in a little of everything at the agency over the years)that understands how our agency works from the bottom up. Regardless of what the press is allowing to be read and heard and the fact that our agency has been kicked under the bus more than once, I work with some of the most dedicated committed conscientious folks around. In fact, the majority of the workforce has those same traits. I would put their knowledge and talents up against anyone. I could gather a small group of 25 of my collegues (same salaries as they currently receive) and give our elected officials a run for their money. It would be a whole lot cheaper, make more business sense and have greater positive outcome than what is currently happening in Washington. Just sign me, "I Remember When"
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  • Nice Article
    I like your quote at the end.
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  • Guilty--forget the facts, the judge, ad prossecutor
    Klem from IRS
    The specter of disgraced Senator Joe McCarthy is alive and well in political Washington. When an agency, vis-à-vis employees, commits a transgression, an accusation of political corruption is made. Forget the facts, the evidence is in the allegations. Just open that briefcase! I am glad to be out of government employment. Those with whom I have remained in contact find no joy in Mudville.
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  • Joe McCarthy
    Except this time the Democrats were the puppet masters. So many people are in denial they can never admit the truth. Yet if anything close to this happened to Democrats they'd be calling Bush a racist or worse! Oh wait, they already did that to Bush after Katrina!
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  • Really
    Comeon Contrarian. Newspeak was passe 30 years ago. There were no Democratic puppetmasters. If anything we have tea party puppet masters who have suckered the politicians. They are being investigated to determine whether they qualify under 501(c)(4). How they are not primarily political escapes me. Your alleged puppet masters are just a figment of your very active imagination
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