7:04 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Counter intelligence polygraph performed? NSA shop really followed their rules?
    Honest Broker
    Over the years, I have been through several polygraphs which I thought the examiner was quite thorough. Did Snowden get one before being handed the keys to the kingdom? The rules of communications intercept seem to bend over backwards to avoid an innocent US citizen target. Was Snowden aware of these rules, but told to ignore them by his superiors? Did he see the collected info was strictly only good for political or financial purposes? Watergate was a classic example of misuse of US Govt surveillance capabilities for political gain with the FBI going right along with it. With politicians hungry for election ammo, Corp America after competition business dealings, BAH getting paid a hefty contract fee, and then inflential Govt military and civilians going to work for BAH, it is getting harder to determine if Snowden was a traitor or patriot showing we have a big problem. What is the real truth?
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