3:23 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Morale
    Calif Walker
    The really people that the Sequestration hurts is the WG and lower GS grade workers. The upper management can handle the cut a lot better that then the poor pay worker that lives from one check to another. Because these are the people that keep the government running not upper management. I've been in and around government for over 30 years and I seen so much waste in the office area as for material usage and time but there is very few layouts. I have worked in one office area that was at best getting about 70% production out of the people and I in my years that was good. If the government was run I private industry you would get rid of not needed employees and run on a lean system.
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  • Their morale is low?
    These are the same financial managers who implemented the 80/20 rule because they are concerned people aren't obligating enough. That's right, at the same time they are furloughing people, the financial management community is ordering commands to spend more!!! Their morale is low? You should ask the rest of the civilians. Of course, contractor morale is quite high. What's not to like when you can get higher pay and no furlough threat compare to the Feds doing the same work?
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