12:23 am, May 28, 2015

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  • In DC this is a waste of effort
    The Federal government owns many buildings in the DC area they don't use, but before we get rid of them, maybe we should start moving offices into them and out of very expensive leased office space. In many cases the cost of renovation would be less than the cost of a couple years of paying the lease on the offices they are in now. Why lease some of the most expensive office space in the country when you own dozens of empty buildings? Yes, you spent million renovating the leased space, but if you had spent that on your old office, there would have been no reason to move out of it. I agree there are hundreds of properties around the country the Federal government owns and could make some money from selling, but in DC we are spending hundreds of millions every year in rent while at the same time we are spending millions more to try to get rid of perfectly good properties that are going unused. DHS is one of the worst. They purchased land for a central complex that will be too small for their staff. They purchased the land to build their complex that will only house a fraction of their staff when it is completed. They will still occupy over a half dozen rented office spaces in town. Those moved to the new complex will only be in the office a couple days a week and will have to make reservations for a desk the days they do show up. At the same time, GSA is working on selling dozens of perfectly good office buildings and buildable lots all over the area. How does this make any sense?
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