7:47 am, June 3, 2015

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  • Pay raise?
    Well, first...did Shakespeare actually write that famous quote? There has been a lot of speculation that the Earl of Oxford is the one who actually wrote Shakespeare's material. But, enough of that. As a conservative, I am embarassed to admit that it is my party that is the problem. Many of these Congress-"people" went into office because they didn't like the government but went into government service anyway with the intent to bring down the same; can one say "coup". One can only hope that the voting public will wake-up to reality and send these traitors packing.
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  • Pay Raise Where?
    Congress has been bashing the Federal employees as a way to save money. How about making the elected officials in Washington pay for their own meals or gym? There is still so much pork barrel like the jets that the military don't want, but elected officials are forcing down because it creates jobs in their districts and building airport that is used only by an extremely small number of people.
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  • 47%
    I wasn't aware I was amongst the 47%, nor did I know it was that high. Thanks Linda.
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  • Funny
    Sam B
    It's funny how Congress doesn't want to hire more federal employees but they are upset that a contractor like Ed Snowden had the access he had. They want fewer contractors working with classified materials. Well, guess what, Congress? SOMEBODY has to do it. You can't keep saying "contractors shouldn't do the work; feds should" and then refuse to let agencies hire feds to do the work.
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  • Hey, where's Rob to tell us...
    ... how much more we would be making now if Mitt Romney were President?
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