4:41 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • A long shot
    I think they are confusing what BRAC was. BRAC closed facilities and moved functions. It didn't do anything about how DoD operates. It had no impact on policy at all. If they create a civil service BRAC, all it will do is close program offices it sees as redundant or merge them together. All it will accomplish is removing large numbers of civil servants and reducing duplicative functions. Of course sometimes there is a reason two different agencies do similar tasks. There are some functions put in place to check each other. They do similar analysis from different perspectives. If you really want to create a more innovative and responsive workforce, you could start by removing two levels of civilian management and one level of Senior Executive Management. You would get more bang for your buck than almost any other change you could make.
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  • This is already DOA
    All you need to hear is "educated" testimony talking about pay for performance and similar failed ideas again. After 3 years of pay freezes and other cuts to the civil service, you will have a hard enough time maintaining staffing. Draconian performance evaluations will just squash any motivation left in the federal workforce. Besides, any such talk means they want to debate policy changes and other things that have nothing to do with the function of a BRAC like operation. You are moving away from reducing redundancy and moving toward more political subjects like how can we screw the federal worker today. Where is my favorite punching bag, I need to look good for another photo op.
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