5:58 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Total Incompetency of Leadership
    As an AF employee it has become very apparent this year that our leadership is clueless. If this was a private business the top brass would have all been fired long ago. Having been part of the budget drills for this year and FY14 one can only wonder if we are being set up for failure. Turn around times of 1 day on weapon system impacts, taking arbitrary cuts in weapon system O&M without any correlation to flying hour cuts, holding funding until late in the year pushing execution into furlough time periods, and THE BEST..taking furlough late in the FY limiting us to 32 hour weeks at FY close out when we will be pushing to execute funds being held at Air Staff they will not release until late August. Net result...we will end up with excess funds we are unable to execute, Congress will have a field day, Sequester will be seen as a "success" and lead to deeper cuts in FY14, and the impacts to mission readiness will not be visible until they are in the "red".....who does business this way?
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