4:09 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • More Trouble Ahead
    Well lets see, once all the bright people are gone from the federal jobs, then agencies can reduce the pay scales even more and drop incentives such as in-grade step increases and remove ALL awards. The fallout from this is no longer will the government be able to function as a coherent entity because of the lack of talent, but that's ok right? You don't need intelligence working on government offices do you? Who cares of a person can't read of write, why should that matter? Once social security benefits run dry then you won't need that agency anymore will you? Simply amazing folks! If the federal government continues to blead away good talent, this country is in deeper serious doo doo than most can imagine. Just wait, the worst is yet to come.
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  • John Mellencamp knew
    Nothin' matters and what if it did.
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  • Brownie you're doing a great job! and so is Anonymous!
    Yep, another Katrina or two ought to fully expose the hollowing out of big govt. Just imagine what they'll do to your health care. Or how long it will take to get your refund. Opm can't process retirements fast enough. Will Anonymous explain the big picture for me?
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  • He's right
    Nice article today. I am seeing the exodus already. One young due to the extra pressure from the boss to get more and more and more done in less tome, and two older who were going to work another year, on one maybe more, and asked themselves why? Most likely headed out by the end of the year. I wish that was an option. Too many years to go, and not enough age. Not often we want to get older!
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  • Ripple Effect
    If "inside the Beltway leadership" is a crack against the Headquarters of Federal agencies, then I have problem with the characterization of non-caring. What makes an "outside the Beltway" Fed think that "an inside the Beltway" Fed doesn't care if he/she is furloughed and loses pay and co-workers to resignation and retirement. Feds don't need to fight among themselves over how furloughs are viewed. If, however, "inside the the Beltway leadership" means Congress and/or the White House, then I can buy the crack about non-caring, and you can through in the public as well (until their services are disrupted).
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