1:33 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • This defense budget is an OBSENTIY..
    it is outrageous that our country continues to spend these outrageous sums of money...and all awhile the DOD is screaming to high heaven they don't have enough money to run the department. I am telling you this is JUST the public budget. The DOD gets another 300B to fund its black operations and I am suggesting if you cant buy it for a trillion dollars then maybe we cant afford it. The defense budget needs to be cut IN HALF..NOW.
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  • What a joke
    After getting on the case of the Defense Department for not planning for sequestration cuts, Congress passes a Defense appropriation bill that all but totally ignores those same cuts.
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  • Gitmo is Great
    What isn't to like about a foreign prison where you don't have to worry about the Constitution or federal law or treaties. A place where you can be the most vile dictator in the world and still deny any wrongdoing. Where you can torture people as you wish, keep them in prison with no charges as long as you like, ignore human rights just because you can. There are any number of nations that would love this situation. I just didn't know I lived in one of those until 12 years ago. Not something I would like to think about on yet another 4th of July, but there it is, a black mark on this nation our government refuses to get rid of because it is so convenient. Congratulations, you have contained a couple hundred people that don't like us and created thousands more around the world we will never be able to contain. Is it really fear, or spite that drives our Congress, or just the hubris of thinking they will never have to answer for this evil?
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  • House Passes a Bill
    What happen to the federal workers 1% pay raise?
    Josephine Gilbert
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