8:39 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Retired last year, so missed all the furlough fun
    Honest Broker
    I worked for a DOD office, so I keep in touch and most everyone will make their bills but the big F is not a real morale booster. The contractors are still churning away with no cuts, but maybe their turn is coming up. The politicians will fight for the contractors to keep the cash flowing their way, so the cuts for Govt employees may not be over yet.
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  • Glad I pulled out almost 6 years ago. They've sent me a LOT of money in that time.
    The Original Joe S
    My dad is 88. All my grandparents were in their 90s. I hope I can continue to suckle at the public teat / slobber at the public trough for many many many more years. The scumbags who govern us think that the civil servants exist to be exploited, berated, cheated, and schidt-canned. Of course, when they proffered FERS twice, I had removed my "DUCKING IDIOT" sticker off my forehead before going to work. Thanks again, congresshoowahs, for amortizing my already-taxed contributions in hope that I DIE before claiming 'em all back, and my kids don't know about it. I told them to claim it immediately upon my departure. I enjoy living overseas in a low-cost place where it's always summertime, the tropical fruit is fresh and sweet, the people are nice, and there's no political correctness nonsense, and no welfare. Nobody will starve, but they don't get rich off the taxpayer either. Self-esteem is not in the equation. Illegal immigrants are fined, jailed, and deported. No kidding. They got it right.
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  • Furlough
    I believe we all need to tighten our belts, if having furlough days will save one person their job. I will certainly be pleasant about it. Laws should pertain to all, not just the bottom few. So Congress, Senate MAN up!
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