7:07 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • We're enter a new era of shock
    The daily scandal dump is unbelievable. Before we can even find out who hired Lois Lerner, or why, the next scandal comes out. I guess the scandal response Team has decided that Scandal Fatigue is the only way to play this. All those who thought Big Govt is your friend may have some soul searching to do. When the argument is that we need to give up our privacy and freedom to fight terrorists it's one thing. But when the opposing political party becomes the enemy our country has been transformed.
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  • Government vs. Contractor Pay
    Usually, contract labor is more expensive short term than government labor. The main difference is the federal pension which places a long term obligation upon the government. Contract workers must save enough to equate the TSP and FERS annuity, which is one reason for the short term added cost, plus the fees paid to the contractor. Government must determine what type and the quantity of personnel it needs to provide a long term worker base. Then, use contract labor to provide the for the short term, remembering that for government short term can still be years, not months.
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  • Baloney
    Time to stop the myth about contractors being easier to let go and therefore cheaper over the short-term. The illegal DOD furlough should put this to bed once and for all. Hagel had no problem telling the DOD civilians to stay home. But the contractors? Oh that wouldn't be fair. We have to pay them.
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  • Outsourcing loaded with myths
    Honest Broker
    An independent Govt watchdog group, POGO.ORG, already ran the numbers and put out a scathing report in Sept 2011, Bad Business, which illuminated that contractors overall costs average 1.83 times more than an equivalent Govt employee. This figure even took into account a Govt employee so called super expensive health and retirement benefits. It represents so much money that the politicians even changed the Govt retirement rules, so the contractors could hire influential military and civilians to game the system so the money went to the so called right companies. These myths are great cover for the fat cats of Washington and Corp America, but not so good for the American taxpayer or the country's solvency. Unfortunately, Joe Public seems to believe all these myths or there would be a major change of attitude in Washington. I wonder how long the politicians can hold out before the taxes go up to support these myths?
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  • Just glad
    I am just the scandals has moved to contractors and away from Feds. No harm meant to contractors or Booze Allen, but enough is enough.
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  • Not more just expanded
    Not so much they've moved, but expanded. What a bloody mess!
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  • NSA scandal
    The real scandal is that we believe that journalists are constitutionally allowed to be criminals. If someone makes a counterfeit dollar bill and I receive it and spend it, knowing that it is counterfeit, I have broken the law. But if a journalist publishes information he/she knows was illegally obtained and is legally restricted from the public, there is no penalty. Until we fix this problem we are going to have people leaking information that is damaging to the welfare of the United States. This is entirely different from posting the private dinnertime conversations overheard of a political official with his mistress. Embarrassment is not a crime; passing classified information is.
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  • The Free Press is a check on Govt
    Except when they're in full support of one political party. Other than Fox, every network and newspaper actively supports the Democrats. Where is the incentive to publish anything negative about their own side? Until we get internecine warfare there will be no change. The Repubs cant be Democrats. Someone within the Dems will have to decide enough is enough. Until then, who hired Lois Lerner?
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  • Again you are wrong Contrarian
    How do you know that every newspaper and network supports the Democrats? Have you listed every one of these items and analyzed them to verify your comments? I will write that the major newspaper prints both liberal and conservative columnists. That is fact. 1210, 990, and I believe 560, all AM radio stations in my area, are all conservative in their broadcasts. And Fox is a sick joke if you are looking for objective reporting. It appears to be that if a news organization does not, down the line, support conservative causes, according to you, it is liberal. You can do better than that.
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