12:54 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • How to Comprehend the Meaning of This Statement
    I read "because of the tight budgets, handing out tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses isn't sensible" to mean that they would even despite the circumstances except it would be rightly criticized. If it read "because of the tight budgets, handing out tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses is not right," I would be inclined to think otherwise.
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  • Out of Touchw/workforce
    Why did they go ahead and pay out the big money for the 2012 awards? The SES'ers should be ashamed. Absolutely pathetic and out of touch with their workers when they can cash their bonus checks for 35% of salary while the ones doing the real work have had all bonuses and pay frozen. That head of the SES Association should be fired!
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  • Alternate Awards
    "...we are focused on finding means to acknowledge excellence in non-monetary ways." Perhaps a hearty handshake?
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  • Writing my congressman
    I think that this is an outrage. We are furloughing our employees throughout the government and now this comes out? What an outrage and a matter of ethics and morals. The SES rank and file can do without PERIOD! As a matter of fact, congress should make a move to reduce the number of SEC rank and file members instead of allowing bogus *(*YT(*Y awards like this to take place. I am going to give several members of congress a piece of my mind on this. Totally unbelievable.
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  • Not pocket change
    This award is $50K for many. That pays a lot of people for the 11 day DOD furlough period! Complete outrage.
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