10:32 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • It is too late to cut contractors this year
    We are way too far into the fiscal year to cut contractors. Fixed price contracts would require changing scopes and schedules, removing deliverables, and the contractor already made plans and preparations that would have to be compensated. Even if you cut the contract this year, there would be no savings. Programs like the Joint Strike Fighter have already gotten their next 5 year allocation, so it would require Congressional action to even try to pull that back now. Congress won't even allow cutting the purchase of 300 tanks the Army can't use, so who really thinks they will allow any contracts of substance to be cut? I got my furlough notice 2 weeks ago, and none of the dozens of contractors I work with have been given any indication they will lose a single day of work. We would be the ones that had to cut the contracts and pull back the money, and we have been given no notice. Besides that, it would take weeks to do an economic analysis to determine whether or not any single contract would even save any money if we cut it and what the impact on our mission would be. With furloughs coming in 2 weeks, requirements for proper notice to contractors, and our current workloads still piling up, I don't see this as even possible this fiscal year. The only pain our contractors may feel is the lack of an end of year rush to award contracts that we may not have any money to award this year.
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  • Contractors Cost 1.8 Times as Much in Average Total Annual Compensation
    Radar Tech
    The Project On Government Oversight (POGO) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization cited by various inspector generals (and is presumably a legitimate information source). In their report, "Bad Business", they document that contractors cost the government 1.8 times as much in average total annual compensation for doing the exact same job as federal workers. From other sources, I have gleaned that there are at least 4.2 contractors to each federal worker (and that is the open source, unclassified number of workers - we all know that there are far more working "off the books" in the Black Ops world). So, with more than 4 times as many contractors costing nearly double to do the same jobs as their federal counterparts...is it any wonder that the 3 year pay freeze, furloughs, etc. are not really fixing the budget? Contractors should be facing the EXACT SAME "pain" or more than their federal counterparts. If they don't like it...get another job. (How often have we Feds heard that one?) If they think the federal workers have it so much better, all they have to do is go to USAJOBS and put their application in. Since they are SOOooo much smarter and better educated than federal workers, they should have no trouble jumping on the Uncle Sam Gravy Train with us over paid federal workers.
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  • DOD Contractors
    Th ereal issues with contractors and government is that thier is entirely too much redundant programs... too many people doing the exact same function. Its why the email system is so incredibly over taxed. The government has no concept of centrally managing anything... The DOD in particular is guilty of this... but where is that oversite?? Oversite... that has truely become a farce. Who is overseeing who?? I believe the "Size" of the government makes it incredibly impossible to oversee any aspect of it. Add to that there are those in the government / DOD that thrive on the utter confusion that they work under... Most only really care about their own positions... and nothing more.
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