9:39 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Surprised this is the first such leak
    Contractors come and go every year. They change personnel as needed. Computer contractors have access to just about any files in your computer systems, likely much more than they are supposed to, or that they have clearance for. I am amazed something like this hasn't happened long ago.
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  • Ideentity theft
    Just think of how many NSA contractors have engaged in identity theft.
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  • Tip of iceburg? Outsourcing really beneficial in savings or security?
    Honest Broker
    It could be argued that 1 rogue contractor employee does not constitute alarm, but it does raise the question of a fundamental problem - Did the trend for outsourcing really payoff as sold to the American public by the politicians and businesses? A commercial entity that bases their livelihood and success on profits fundamentally has a conflict of interest with being entrusted with information that could be used towards financial gain. Do you want your law enforcement and laws to be created by corporations and companies? You would never go to jail or be punished if you could pay enough money. The POGO.ORG Govt watchdog group checked into if we even achieved a savings by contracting out. After having to subpoena contract labor costs and Govt employee salaries, in the Sept 2011 Bad Business paper they report in most cases contracting out cost 1.83 times more even including the Govt employees lifetime of benefits. Based on Booze-Allen-Hamilton’s one year revenue of $5.9B and 25,000 employees, their salaries average at $236,000 each with this high school dropout making over $200,00 per year. As an example of Govt versus contractor labor costs, Govt electrical engineers with Masters or Doctorate max out at $125,000 per year, but few see those kinds of figures unless they become top supervisors. Outsourcing financially didn’t work out except for a select few and the politicians they support. Contracting out to buy something like a computer or commercial software makes sense, but farming out the military, law enforcement or national security seems to be fundamentally flawed if temptation exists for financial or political gain.
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  • Different Spin
    Big Joe
    It does put a different spin on the whole "Government worker being overpaid" debate, doesn't it? I do similar type work (IT security) with a clearance, two Master's degrees, and 22 years of experience and make GS-14 pay. I'll have to remember this idiot when I'm sitting home during the sequester making my student loan payment and trying to remember how my pay became the target over a high school dropout making over $200k a year.....
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  • Agree
    Booze had every incentive to overpay the dope since the more he made the more they made on a cost-plus basis. If he made $125K, our cost to Booze for him was closer to $200K. All for a guy who wouldn't have qualified for an entry level GS-7 position. Contractors have been raping the taxpayers for years. Enough is enough. BTW Why hasn't the Booze contract he was "working" under been terminated?
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