10:58 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Contractor Pay
    Stack Rat
    According to media reports, NSA contractor and self-professed leaker Edward Snowden has been earning a $200,000 per year salary for his work at Booz Allen. (More than an SES at agencies.) So, where are the denunciations from Congress and the public outrage that a high school dropout working as a government contractor is earning such a salary? The Federal government was probably paying Booz Allen 200-400K on top of Snowden's 200K to cover the company's administrative costs and as profit for the company. (How else do you think these companies makes billions of dollars a year in profit?) So, you're looking at a cost to the taxpayer of at least $400,000 dollars (and probably way more) - 200K for the salary + 200K for the contractor as profit. So much for the claim that feds make at least more than 20% more than their private sector counterparts, unless someone can show me a fed IT worker (who is also a high school dropout) making a comparable salary. Of course, I'm confident Congress will shortly begin holding hearings into why government contractors are getting paid so much, and then proceed to immediately give us the whopping 1% raise proposed by the Administration.
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  • Contractor Pay
    It's no longer about degrees or even diplomas any longer in the IT industry. It's all about MCSE and other software certifications. As a one-time Program Manager for an IT contractor, some of my sharpest people had only a high school education but exceled as system administrators with multiple certifications. I've never known any to be making $200k/year however.
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  • Privacy
    The only privacy I know in the Constitution comes from Roe v Wade, and it's very limited. Maybe technology has surpassed the original protections, say of having British Soldiers in your home? I'd say having Google and the govt in every facet of your life is about the same thing.
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  • Feds Grin
    To ask the Fed Gov't to operate like the private sector, but then decry Fed conferences, Fed and Fed contractor pay and benefits is hypocritical and trying to have it both ways.
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  • Don't stop there
    Sam B
    If any company receives a single PENNY of tax dollars, they should also be required to publish the salaries of each employee. That includes contractor companies who get paid by tax money, companies who get taxpayer-funded bailouts, companies who get subsidies, etc. After all, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Come on, Lockheed, Booz, Deloitte, GM, Citi, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, US Bank, Morgan Stanley, AmEx, etc.
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