3:51 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • one job - one salary
    The only problem here is the news/public is only viewing one job - one salary. One salary is correct, but what about the other three jobs you now have on your plate?
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  • Salary Dump
    Yeah, it's a dilemma. But face it, fellow feds, we're getting paid out of tax revenues. Our salaries should be public knowledge.
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  • Why?
    GM workers are paid from the money that goes to buy GM cars. Should their salaries be made public? My salary is not made public, but no civil servant should have to put up with their salaries being made public. The fact that the money comes from tax dollars is not relevant.
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  • Just another useless Factoid
    Mike: Posting my salaray for the world to see and get angryy about is just another "Uselsss Factoid" to borrow a phrase...No one can do anything about it, no one can take it away, no one can reduce it. They can only get the information and perhaps over-react or be angry. It doesn't diminish my worth one iota. One benefit to it all being out there...I can also look up what my boss is making, or co-workers ... I can see what grade other jobs are in the agency, so when they become vacant, I know I should start looking for the announcement....There are several I thought were higher graded, and thus might be interested in, but once I found out the grade, I lost interest. It has helped in career planning.... SMILE FOLKS ... NOT THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD TODAY! We have Jobs and can pay the bills.
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  • For that salary...
    Hey, Mike, If you are making that much, how about doing a little research and providing a link to the data instead of just to the Gannett home page.
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  • Forget My Salary
    TX Revenuer
    Forget what the ex and the neighbors think about how much I make. I dread what the kids are gonna do when they find out that my pension will be paid out of their payroll withholding.
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